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Leasing Apartments For Holiday in Rio? Here is Your Complete Guide

Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful place in the world which is commonly known as Rio. The place is very beautiful and suitable for spending holiday because of the greenery and natural beauty. Rio de Janeiro is also famous for its beaches, Carnival festivals, and New-year firework celebration. Rio de Janeiro has diverse culture and there are many worth seeing and vacation places. Sugar Loaf and Corcovado Mountain are most visited place of Rio.

The tourism in the Rio is a flourishing business; the number of tourist is gradually increasing. Hence the market for leasing apartment is also mushrooming. Today there are several leasing agencies that can get you the best deal. They offer well equipped apartment for short term and plenty of time it turns best then to book a hotel. Renting apartment is particularly good when you are staying for few weeks with few people. Let’s discuss some of the things that you should know about Rio de Janeiro apartment rentals.


In Rio the cost of the renting an apartment varies from area to area and even street to street. There are places in Rio where you can find apartment with reasonable price tag where some other places that are considered as ‘exclusive’. Here some general places are listed as per price range:

1. Less Expensive: Catete, Lapa, Gloria and Humaita

2. Expensive: Copacabana Posto 6, few parts of Flamengo, Laranjeiras etc

3. More Expensive: Neighborhood areas of Leboln and Lagoa

Period /Time

Timing is an important factor in Rio to get an apartment on lease. If you are planning to visit the place on the occasion of Carnival or New Year then make sure you have enough funds. The price is really very high during these seasons and can even go up five times then the normal cost. However April, May, June and October and November are the most inexpensive month to visit the place.

Facilities and Standard

While people think to get an apartment on rent for vacations then individual first ponder over the facilities and the standards of the place. It is also an important factor but it depends on the budget people have, apparently more fund promises best facilities. Noise is the one of the big concern in Rio de Janeiro, so the first floor apartment is of less costly then of 10th floor. The cheapest apartments in Rio are small and have cooking facility only, the more expensive and exclusive apartment have gyms and swimming pools inside.


To get the best leasing deal in Rio, you can look at the internet or can contact the renting agencies. You can Google many sites and can compare the facilities you can afford however the agencies charge high rates. If you are looking for short period then research on internet and compare the deals provided by the different agencies, it will help you to get the most suited deal.

Rio de Janeiro apartment rentals require proper documentation, the real state sector in Rio is very compound and it takes time to know it well.

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